This beautiful crystal will help you recognize when a relationship or situation is no longer beneficial for you, as well as any limited thought patterns, negative emotions or emotional blockages that might be holding you back in life. It will also bring you support in moving on from those negative situations, while keeping you focused on the goal and persevering. 


The Golden Healer Quartz is a powerful healing crystal as it allows the golden light of Universal Life Force to flow into the body through the Crown Chakra, moving stagnant energy in a (softer), yet similar way that Reiki would. The energy then spreads its golden light throughout the body as it clears blockages and imbalances to prepare the body for healing on all levels.


Golden Healers can be used to raise the holder’s energy vibration or frequency. Place a Golden Healer cluster under a healing / massage table to fill the area with a golden and gentle energy throughout your healing session. Highlight a Golden Healer on an altar or grid, to raise the frequency/vibration of your intent.

This is a powerful and amazing piece, which enhances joy, peace and the spirit of Oneness.

Golden Healer Quartz Point

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